Danielle Brooks Tearfully Celebrates Orange Is the New Black's 10th Anniversary

Their voices and faces should be remembered as well. Danielle Brooks is doing that in order to get ready for the 10th anniversary of Orange Is the New Black in July. The actress acknowledged exclusively to E! News at the 43rd Annual Muse Awards presented by the New York Women in Film and Television on March 28 that the accomplishment “makes me cry.” “One of the fondest memories is on our last day.

For my cast, I really composed a song called “Seasons,” which I got to perform in front of the cast and crew. I was able to tell the story using the names of many of the characters from the song. To be able to share that with them meant a lot to me.

Additionally, Danielle acknowledged that she occasionally still runs into some of her former co-stars off-screen even though the show ended in 2019 after seven seasons. I spend a lot of time with them, the actress from Peacemaker volunteered. But it would be wonderful to see Samira [Wiley], who is now a mother.

During the event, Danielle, who received the Made in New York Award, disclosed which of her roles her 2-year-old daughter Freeya prefers. She hasn’t seen me play live, but she has seen me in cartoons, the Broadway star said. I portray the mother in Karma’s World, thus the character is always saying, “Mommy! Mommy!” before pointing at me.

“Especially the ones they’re having on the program about embracing your hair or your complexion,” Danielle continued, “I just really like that I can have those true dialogues and she hears it through my voice.” The soundtrack for the Netflix original film Karma’s World features Danielle Brooks.